More DaveX Around the Net

Listen to “Music For Swimmers” on WDBX-FM every Monday night, from 10-midnight!

Curious about what I’ve written for other blogs? Here is your chance to find out!


Make “Ore: Theatre Intangible” your bitch, and search episodes by participant– in this case, ME!

Noisetastic Twitter quote fuckery at Litnoise w/ yours truly.

Watch “Nonexistent,” a documentary film about experimental music by Alex Ryterski at Vimeo— I’m in it!

Here’s some “ITDE Songs” that Halaka made for me on Pile Records

DaveX wins 4th prize in a fiction contest at BoingBoing Gadgets

“All the Tapes Are Turning to Dust” at Hollow Tree Experimental Music Report

An interview with me at Through the Looking Glass

Another interview with me, again from Hollow Tree Music Report

My YouTube area, for the morbidly curious

I also write for the Fire Music Consortium blog– check out my report on performing the world premiere of John Cage’s “KNOBS” at Southern Illinois University!

Download my guest-produced episode of Framework Afield, part 1/4 in the World Listening Project series!

Read about one of my guided soundwalks on the SIUC campus!

The local news wrote about “Sounds Like Radio,” which was nice.

There’s a 3720 to 1 chance that I’m in the Dork Yearbook! (Here and also here.)

Bend The Blogapus to your iron will and sort by author– duh, me!

Listen to “It’s Too Damn Early” online at WDBX-FM every Saturday from 4-6:30 a.m., CST!

Listen to “Sounds Like Radio” online at WSIU-FM every Sunday. Catch the show from 3-5 a.m. CST, then again from 10-midnight!

“The World of Bizarre Sound Recordings” at Deputydog

I contribute haphazardly at Carbondale Bytelife for local flavor… (here’s one featuring an irate commenter, and my response)


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    […] updated my “More DaveX around the net” section, which is of the utmost importance, of course. Also, here is a photo I took just […]

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