Sounds Like Radio, WSIU-FM

“Sounds Like Radio”, a radio show featuring experimental music, avant-garde works, sound art, and field recordings originating from WSIU-FM; is heard throughout the lower third of Illinois as well as portions of Indiana and Missouri. “Sounds Like Radio” is hosted by Dave Armstrong, and can be heard every Sunday on 91.9 FM (or streaming live online ) from 3-5 a.m., or later from 10 p.m. until midnight.

Music submissions may be sent to:

WSIU-FM, c/o Dave Armstrong
Communications Building 1003, Mail Code 6602
SIUC, 1100 Lincoln Dr.
Carbondale, IL 62901 USA

I also have another radio show, “Music For Swimmers,” on WDBX-FM.

Tennessee Waltz, Ava Mendoza, Shadow Stories edit | delete
12345678 That Time (Simulplay II), Ross Bolleter, The Full Score edit | delete
12345678 Vertex I, Sandor Szabo, Kevin Kastening, Parabola edit | delete
12345678 Vertex II, Sandor Szabo, Kevin Kastening, Parabola edit | delete
12345678 Archaea Quartet, Dan Joseph, Archaea edit | delete
12345678 Untitled 1, Mike Khoury, Gunda Gottschalk, Strings edit | delete
12345678 SoZona, Barry Chabala, Glenn Weyant, NewZona edit | delete
12345678 14, Second, Fifth, Alan Licht, A New York Minute

5 Responses to “Sounds Like Radio, WSIU-FM”

  1. “Sounds Like Radio” at a time you can hear it! « Startling Moniker Says:

    […] Radio” at a time you can hear it! By startlingmoniker WSIU has been super-awesome to “Sounds Like Radio” this year– first, taking a chance on experimental programming– and now, scheduling […]

  2. jeffrym Says:

    i find i stay up later just to listen to hear whats on……..JM.

    and have posted the website on my facebook page,………JM

    and may even tune in next sundy………….JM

  3. jeffrym Says:

    Listening tonight and like.Slr. listen to my tracks
    On jeffry m.

  4. Tom Carroll Says:

    Can you tell me what the piece was on Sunday March 17 between 11:30 pm and midnight? It was very compelling. This was the first time I heard the show and I will be back!

  5. startlingmoniker Says:

    This would have been near the end of the Philip Glass opera “Satyagraha,” which is sung in Sanskrit, and loosely based on life experiences of Mohandas Gandhi. I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

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